About Us

The North American Scion Exchange is a member driven, volunteer run trading network whose mission is to promote the free trade and further propagation of heirloom, heritage, and open sourced orchard fruits, nuts and berries between registered members. The NASE is a place where people who are in the United States and Canada can find, exchange, and discuss scion wood, rootstocks, various fruit trees, other orchard plants, and many other topics that relate to the professional nurseryman, the backyard orchardist, or food forest designing permaculturist.

Those trading scionwood with other countries are encouraged to obtain a phytosanitary certificate through the federal government. Without this certificate, international law and quarantine regulations can be broken. You could be investigated, and possibly prosecuted for illegal trading. The North American Scion Exchange discourages trading internationally unless you are properly certified.

The North American Scion Exchange discourages the propagation and sharing of patented material without permission from the patent holder or the paying of royalties to the proper parties. All trades facilitated by The North American Scion Exchange website are between private parties, and The North American Scion Exchange cannot be held liable for trades between those private parties. Please trade responsibly and honestly.

The North American Scion Exchange is open to anybody who is truly dedicated and interested in the propagation and growing of all sorts of fruits and nuts. Just like the diversity within the fruits and nuts we share with each other, the people here all have different stories and beliefs. We advocate for conversation, sharing of resources, and even respectful debate; but no hate speech of any kind will be tolerated on the forums towards other members or commentators. There will be a one strike violation for anything overtly racist, sexist, homophobic, or overly religious towards another member. We have an active group of administrators who will moderate the forums, and can also be contacted for concerns, comments, or ideas for improving the site.

And finally, The North American Scion Exchange would not be possible without you our members. This is an open sourced database whose content is created by you, the ones growing and sharing all these plant genetics. If we all take a bit of ownership for this project, we can create something truly positive for the world.

Thanks, The North American Scion Exchange Admin Team