The Fruit Hunters and Grafters "Most Wanted List" - What are the varieties you are trying to track down???

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Re: The Fruit Hunters and Grafters "Most Wanted List" - What are the varieties you are trying to track down???

Postby HighandDry » Thu Jan 07, 2016 5:08 pm

I think I've reached a point in my collecting that I may actually be able to put a cap on my annual fruit wood hoarding. Next year. I had somewhat similar thoughts after March last year once all my stuff was in bags in the refrigerator(s), but the urge to find the next unbelievably great variety of fruit that might just maybe possibly, if the fruit gods are smiling on me, deliver just one perfect, ripe example every five years or so, it overwhelms common sense and, well...who could resist playing those odds? And so I've secured trades for scions for about 20 each of new figs and apples with a smattering of stone fruits and a new bramble variety or three thrown in for good measure. I'll probably figure out a way to squeeze a few other things I don't need but desperately want into the wheeling and dealing season before the weather warms and the actual labor begins.

With the above in mind, here's what I have been unable to find this year. These are the varieties that have been the most difficult for me to find in the past several years. Please help me feed my addiction one last winter so that I can hit rock bottom and begin rehab sometime around mid to late May, 2016 when all the grafts are on my trees, my fig cuttings have rooted and begun to grow and my root-bearing goodies are in the ground and happy. At that time I am absolutely pretty sure I maybe can begin the process of thinking about how my obsession has hurt those around me who love me most and then do something about it.

* Brownlee's Russet
* May Queen

* Concorde

European plum:
* Geneva Mirabelle
* Reine des Mirabelles
* Seneca (last year's graft looks iffy)

* Lee#3
* Lee#8
* Northline
* Pembina

Romance Series bush cherries (rooted suckers only, as these are not supposed to root from fruitwood cuttings):
* I have none, so any and all of them will suit me fine

That should set me up until I go in for treatment. Thanks to all who consider enabling me.

Oh, I have lots of stuff to trade, mostly apples, but also a nice selection of pears, brambles, ribes, a few grapes, stone fruit and even four hardy poms. I haven't put up my list since last year over on the Yahoo forum. Committing "pen to paper" like that would only make my recovery more difficult.
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Re: The Fruit Hunters and Grafters "Most Wanted List" - What are the varieties you are trying to track down???

Postby starch » Thu Jan 07, 2016 8:47 pm

I am on the hunt for low-chill deciduous budwood. Hopefully some can be found from the CA scion exchanges.

January is the month for scion exchanges in the Southwest. I am a CRFG member (AZRFG - Arizona Chapter) and will be going to our local scion exchange on Jan 30 ( It is in Mesa and it is open to the public, you do not have to be a CRFG member to participate.

However all the scion exchanges in California will have access to a much better selection of scions than we will have. And I was wondering if anyone going to these events might be on the lookout for some of the scions I am interested in below.

Chuck put up a list of the CA scion exchange dates and locations: ... t6297.html



Tropic Snow
August Pride
Desert Gold
Red Baron
Eva's Pride
June Pride
July (Kim) Elberta

Coffee Cake

Angel Red
Gissarskii Rozovyi
Medovyi Vahsha
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Re: The Fruit Hunters and Grafters "Most Wanted List" - What are the varieties you are trying to track down???

Postby TNmtnBoy » Sun Jan 10, 2016 12:11 am

Hey y'all,
I would love to find Carnation Cherry. It was Jefferson's favorite cherry at Monticello. He said this about it; "so superior to all others that no other deserves the name of cherry." How could I not want to grow it? I believe that they may yet grow it in the orchard at Monticello, but I can't find it anywhere.

Some other varieties I would love to find;
Kennedy's Carolina / Lemon Cling Peach
Heath Cling Peach
Oldmixon Free Peach
Blue Tit Plum
Blood Peach

Let me know if you know of a source or keep your eyes out for them. Much appreciated.
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Re: The Fruit Hunters and Grafters "Most Wanted List" - What are the varieties you are trying to track down???

Postby SkillCult » Tue Jan 12, 2016 11:29 pm

I have slowed way down on collecting and grafting, but there are still some hard to find apples that I'm looking for. Most are very rare and some may not have ever made it to the U.S. I have quite a few interesting apple varieties to trade, but it is rare now that anyone has anything remaining on my list. I'm always happy to share whatever I have. I just don't want to be shipping tons of wood out and not getting anything good back, because it takes a lot of time.

Christmas delight
Duke of devonshire
Cockle pippin
New rock pippin
Abram (aka abraham?)
Baker's Delicious
Braddick Non-pareil
Brickley Seedling
Cannon Pearmain
Clovis Spice
French Crab
Grahams, AKA, hambeldon Deux Ans?
Herefordshire Pearmain
Hubbard's Pearmain
Ladies Sweeting
Jordan Russet
Nutmeg Pippin
Oslin/Arbroath Pippin
Pineapple russet
Rescue Crab
Rusty Coat (of southern U.S.)
Sykehouse Russet
Tewksbury Winter Blush (probably lost or extinct)
Aromatic Russet
Linda Sweet
Bowyer's Russet
Pumpkin Sweet
Pound Sweet
Tender Sweeting
Mansfield Russet
Winter Queen

Well, heck, while were here...

*Heirloom apples with sweet or sweeting in the name, used for cider and processing

*Any crabs with exceptional flavor and out of hand eating quality. They can be a little bitter, as long as they are still edible out of hand and tasty or exceptional in some way. I'd like to use more crabs in breeding.

*Red fleshed apples with some outstanding quality that might be useful in breeding

*Any Apples that hang on the tree well into the winter retaining very good or better eating quality into December and beyond. And uncommon exceptional storage apples.

*Any uncommon and exceptionally good russet apples (not the usual roxbury, golden, ashmeads...)

*Very early apples, ripe August or earlier that would be considered very good or better at any season. (already have Chestnut and William's Pride)
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Re: The Fruit Hunters and Grafters "Most Wanted List" - What are the varieties you are trying to track down???

Postby Coppice » Fri Jan 15, 2016 1:05 pm

I am a worse than fan-boy. I run a little charity off of my back porch. Because, I have no room to plant here.

Partly I am trying to with locally donated trees, to create trees I can take scion wood from.

Anyway back to what I don't have local to me here (that I did have in central NH). I am on hunt for apple crabs. I have grown these out from seed and they tend to remain fairly true-to-type. They are 40 to 60% of the size of their table-cider apple parents.

I don't know if these were accidental volunteers, or intentionally breed. Between Derry (NH) and and Plymouth, I had a fall drive and collected seed from a half dozen or more trees.

I am willing to buy either seed or scion-wood if you have any. These are for pectin production for some of the follks I give away-to. I do have antonovka to graft onto.

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Re: The Fruit Hunters and Grafters "Most Wanted List" - What are the varieties you are trying to track down???

Postby stellair » Fri Dec 23, 2016 4:42 am

Andy Russell wrote:Welcome everyone! I thought I would start a discussion topic where we can chat about the varieties of fruits and nuts we might be searching for, and hopefully gain some insight into what is out there, what is being sought after, and some history about fruits and nuts in general.

Currently I have cherries on my mind, and I am specifically looking for one called Schaarbeek. It is the traditional semi tart cherry used in Belgian lambics and kriek beers. I understand that the orchards were once very extensive, but just like here in many parts of America, those orchards have been lost to suburban expansion.

Anyone here in America growing this cherry, or maybe something similar that got its start in the old countries?
Hi Andy, I'm from Belgium and yes the griottes de Schaarbeek is a typical sour cherry for making the famous 'kriek' and 'lambics'. I don't have it in my orchard but it's easy to get it over here ;) . What I got is the 'Pater Stefaan' (father Stefan), a monk in the Benedictin monastery of Affligem (known for the famous beer that discovered a monilia resistant sour cherry. (based on the 'Noordkriek', the same parent as the griottes de Schaarbeek). In their orchard they had, and still do, have a lot of cherry trees so for them it was a gift send from heaven :) and a tree nursery received some wood from the monastery so now everybode have access to it
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Re: The Fruit Hunters and Grafters "Most Wanted List" - What are the varieties you are trying to track down???

Postby Neahawg » Sat Dec 24, 2016 5:12 pm

Being from Arkansas I have tried to collect all the varieties that have originated or possibly originated in Arkansas. I will graft Stellar this year which will nearly complete my list. The only one I don't have is a old variety called Collins. Lee Calhoun list it as found in his book old southern apples stating he located it in Virginia but I can't find it. It is the only variety left I still need if anyone knows where to find it.

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Re: The Fruit Hunters and Grafters "Most Wanted List" - What are the varieties you are trying to track down???

Postby Joleneakamama » Fri Jan 06, 2017 1:02 am

South_Miss_Grower wrote:The 4 apples that I am trying to find scionwood for are:
Vanilla Pippin
Seaconk Sweeting
Golden Harvey
Brownlee's Russet

No luck so far!
Derek Mills of Hocking Hills Orchard is growing three of those four, and should have scion available of two this year. One is a new graft.

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"Most Wanted List"

Postby keith-at-crfg » Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:59 am

Here in Sonoma CA we are seeking the following apples hybridized here by Willaim E. Silva, as named in the Register of New Fruit and Nut Varieties, to try to save them from extinction. A few were patented but now expired. Some might have been sold through Select Nurseries Inc in Brea CA. We have Hawaii apple, so purposefully left off the list. We have possible Red Scarlet and Best Ever awaiting confirmation testing. Reply to me directly to keith at borglum dot com, thanks.

Variety release date Patent # Tested as Ripens Color
Red Scarlet 1965 2464 Mid Aug Red
Best Ever 1963 2486 Oct4th-Nov 2nd Dark dull red

Bonanza 1965 aka Silva 5 Mid Sept Bright Red
Bonfire 1965 aka Silva 4 Early Sept Bright Red
Chief 1965 aka Silva 1 Late July Red
Dominant 1965 aka Silva 3 Late Aug Pink on cream
Golden Beauty 1966 Keeps Golden
Majestic 1965 aka Silva 6 Before Rome Mottled red
Monark 1965 aka Silva 2 Mid Aug Red
Silva Jelly Red 1965 Sept Purple

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