looking for OHxF 51 pear rootstock

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looking for OHxF 51 pear rootstock

Postby brackishfigger » Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:54 pm

I started with grafting a few years ago creating my "Frankenfig" with about 40 varieties of fig on one tree, with a long ongoing thread over at F4F.

I am branching out now, including pears (biscamp/southern barlett/perdue).

The pears were grafted last year onto both p. betulifolia and callery rootstock, both of which are vigorous fireblight resistant varieties, but a bit too vigorous, with mature sizes as large or larger than the species.

There are apparently precious few (any, really?) semi-dwarfing pears that tolerate the heat and humidity in the gulf south, fireblight USA.

I have read that OHxF 51 did very well down here and is semidwarfing, but suckered poorly or otherwise didn't lend itself to commercial propagation as a rootstock. Plus it didn't do well enough further north to justify the extra effort.

I ordered cuttings from the USDA and anticipate getting two cuttings. I will be grafting some onto other trees for a ready supply in the future, but also hope to try rooting some for future grafting, as well as using some as an interstem between the callery and the fruiting pears. I'm gonna run out of material real quickly.

The crux: does anyone have access to OHxf 51? an old tree that died back to the rootstock and regrew? an intact grafted specimen that suckers? li'l help?

It's a long shot, but. . .

Thanks from a new guy here

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Re: looking for OHxF 51 pear rootstock

Postby Ortegojeffrey » Wed Feb 08, 2017 10:46 am

Any luck finding OHXF 51 rootstock? Just curious how readily cuttings from national Germplasm will root under a mist system? It seems the most successful propagation of OHXF 51 would be to root cuttings. I am in South Louisiana and would like to have a couple OHXF 51 mother trees growing to have a ready supply of cuttings to use as rootstock and spread to others who want OHXF 51. Would OHXF 51 be as good a rootstock if grown from cutting than if it were a sucker?

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